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chiplet verification

A Focus on Chiplet Verification

Chiplets have become a strategic asset for designers who are implementing them in all sorts of applications. Until now, chiplet verification until now has been overlooked. I discussed this phenomenon with Dave Kelf, CEO of Breker Verification Systems, an ESD Alliance member company and provider of verification solutions that leverage...

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How AiP Technology Helps Enable 5G and More

For 5G smartphones and other millimeter-wave (mmWave) applications, antenna integration, either through antenna-in-package (AiP) or antenna-on-package (AoP) technologies, simplifies the challenges associated with designing products that operate at these high frequencies. A variety of AiP/AoP design methodologies provide the required form, fit, and function for these applications and can include...

System-on-Chip Disintegration is Underway

We have known for some time that with scaling coming to an end the industry would need to find another way to continue moving forward. One of the options is known as SoC disintegration, which is when a system-on-chip (SoC) is disintegrated into its functional parts and then connect these...

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