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Dean W. Freeman, the Chief Analyst at FTMA, has over 36 years of semiconductor manufacturing and materials experience Mr. Freeman is one of the unique individuals that has not only worked both in a fab and for semiconductor equipment manufacturers, he has had responsibility for every aspect of the semiconductor manufacturing process, from wafer selection to final passivation. Prior to working FTMA, Mr. Freeman was a market research VP for Gartner tracking the semiconductor manufacturing, process technology, and multiple aspects of the internet of things. Mr. Freeman has also worked at FSI, Watkins Johnson, Lam Research and Texas Instruments. Mr. Freeman has 9 process and equipment patents as well as multiple articles in various trade and technical journals. Mr. Freeman has a BS in Chemistry and Earth Science from Whitworth College, and a MS in Physical Chemistry from University of Nevada Reno. Mr. Freeman is also a certified Ski Instructor.

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How 3D Keeps the Semiconductor Industry Scaling

How 3D Keeps the Semiconductor Industry Scaling

Imec did their usual stellar job of demonstrating what needs to happen in the semiconductor manufacturing world to enable the next generation of semiconductor devices and keep the industry moving forward to achieve 3nm integrated circuits (ICs). More importantly, however, they discussed how to use 3D in both packaging and transistor cell design to achieve system integration that will enable integr... »