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Integration is the KEY

  • “The word “Integration” not only refers to the technical process of integrating but also to the integration of people and their knowledge.” Erik Jan Marinissen, imec
  • “Your blog is part of the solution.  It is the education component that is critical to lowering any adoption barrier, spreading knowledge and ideas to anyone considering 3D and TSVs.” Bill Martin, E-System Design

3D InCites is an online media resource founded in 2009 to stir up interest in 3D integration. Now in its 8th year, 3D InCites has broadened its scope stir up interest in heterogeneous integration. As such, 3D InCites is about much more than just through silicon vias and subsequent stacking technologies. Rather, 3D InCites has become part of the whole advanced packaging conversation as it relates to heterogeneous integration, the Internet of things, and other applications these technologies enable.

As a community, 3D InCites brings to life the people, the personalities, and the minds behind heterogeneous integration and related technologies in a uniquely personal way. The goal is to inform key decision-makers about progress in technology development, design,  standards, infrastructure, and implementation. 3D InCites has grown to a registered membership of over 1300 with many additional visitors who stop by just to keep up with what’s happening in the world of heterogeneous integration.

Featuring Francoise in 3D

francoiseDubbed “Queen of 3D” because of her editorial focus on 3D integration technologies, Françoise von Trapp initially launched her blog, Françoise in 3D, in January 2009. It is now the featured blog on 3D InCites. von Trapp is also the Director of Content at Impress Labs. Previously, she served as Sr. Technical editor of Chip Scale Review magazine. Well known in the advanced packaging community, von Trapp serves as an industry commentator, covering symposia and conferences, participating in trade shows, and moderating panel discussions.

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