2024 3D InCites Sustainability Award Finalists

The 3D InCites Sustainability Award recognizes a company in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries that demonstrates best practices in support of sustainable semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing.

Dean Freeman, Chief Analyst, Freeman Technology and Market Advisors, Julia Goldstein, Owner, JLFG Communications and Author of Material Value, and Mousumi Bhat, Ph.D., VP of Sustainablity Programs comprise this year’s selection committee. They reviewed applications submitted that answered questions about water consumption, recycling, and wastewater; renewable energy usage; actions to reduce waste generated; how they measure Scopes 1 and 3 emissions; plans for carbon neutrality, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

The 2024 3D InCites Sustainability Award finalists are Namics Technologies and Brewer Science. The finalists will respond to another round of questions about employee engagement, new programs being ramped up, and goals for 2030 and 2040.

Brewer Science

Brewer Science has implemented several initiatives to enhance environmental sustainability. In 2022, the company replaced water chiller/tower systems, resulting in significant electrical savings and reduced water consumption. Upgrades to deionized water systems and water softeners contributed to monthly water savings. Brewer Science is committed to 100% waste diversion from landfills, achieving GreenCircle Certified Zero Waste to Landfill for the eighth consecutive year. The company measures Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions per product volume and plans to report Scope 3 GHG emissions in the 2024 Impact Report.

The company’s goal is to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050 through green building principles, renewable energy support, and efficient practices. Recent sustainability successes include consistent energy consumption despite production increases, installation of efficient HVAC and lighting systems, and the use of a closed-loop geothermal system at the company’s Vichy facility. Brewer Science purchases wind energy at its Rolla location through renewable energy credits, covering over 100% of electricity consumption in 2022.

Brewer Science - 2024 3D InCites Awards Finalists
Brewer Science employees participated in a street cleanup event.

NAMICS Technologies, Inc.

NAMICS is committed to preventing water contamination and employs strict control and treatment measures for wastewater. The company recycles wastewater byproducts and products from various processes, promoting sustainability. Recently completing the construction of a carbon-neutral headquarters, NAMICS plans to install a solar canopy over its parking lot for increased reliance on renewable energy. The company has invested in two solar farm locations, contributing to substantial annual power generation and carbon dioxide emission reductions.

NAMICS is actively reducing waste and promoting sustainability through initiatives such as optimizing shipping boxes and pallets, resulting in reduced cardboard and Styrofoam use. They’ve transitioned to 100% recycled dry ice for shipments. Greenhouse gas emissions are measured at each facility. The recent construction of a carbon-neutral headquarters demonstrates their commitment, with ongoing investments aimed at achieving a carbon-neutral company by 2050. Other initiatives include converting cooling pumps to inverters, using film-on-glass surfaces to reduce energy consumption, and transitioning to electric vehicles. Overall, the company prioritizes comprehensive sustainability measures, from packaging optimization to energy-efficient infrastructure.

Congratulations to our 2024 3D InCites Sustainability Award Finalists! After a final round of questions, winners will be selected and announced on February 5, 2024.  The 3D InCites Awards Ceremony takes place on March 19, 2024, following the morning keynote session at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference.

NAMICS employees engage in neighborhood
cleanup around the company’s corporate headquarters in Japan.