About Phil

Dr. Philip Garrou is a subject matter expert for DARPA and runs his consulting company Microelectronic Consultants of NC in the RTP NC area. He is well known for Insights From the Leading Edge (IFTLE), a weekly advanced packaging blog he started in 2010. Since retiring from Dow Chemical in 2004 as Global Director of Technology for their Advanced Electronic Materials business unit, he has served as Technical VP and President of both IEEE EPS and IMAPS and is a Fellow of both organizations. He has edited several microelectronic texts including McGraw Hill’s “Multichip Module Handbook” and Wiley VCH’s “Handbook of 3D Integration”. He has won the Milton Kiver Award for Excellence in Electronic Packaging (1994); the Fraunhofer International Adv. Packaging Award (2002); the IEEE CPMT Sustained Technical Achievement Award (2007) , the IMAPS Ashman Award (2000) and most recently the American Chemical Society Award for Team Innovation (2017).

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