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About Anemoi Software

About Anemoi Software

Anemoi Software provides software tools and consulting services to electronic designers developing complex multi-chip systems. These systems contain many integrated circuits (IC) such as chiplets and chips in 3D advanced IC packages, multi-chip modules and advanced PCB assemblies. Our tools and services enable customers to get to market faster with robust products by quickly analyzing their electronic designs for thermal and power limitations. We partner with our customers to break through limitations or provide design recommendations by simulation analysis to avoid critical thermal and power performance failures.

Our customers include some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world as well as startups producing some of the most innovative and advanced electronics in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Optical Communications, Cryptocurrency and more. The common factor among our customers is that they are producing cutting-edge electronics with complex thermal and power performance that needs to be analyzed for failure risks and optimized for performance.

Anemoi Thermal Solver is one of our thermal analysis software tools, available now, used to analyze and solve thermal and power issues in 3DIC packages or PCB assemblies. Electronic designers can start building 3D models with less than 30 minutes of training. Consulting services are also available to augment your electronic and mechanical package design teams. For more information, please visit our website at and contact us via the website.

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