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About Herb

About Herb

After more than 20 years in technical and business roles at semiconductor and EDA companies, Herb Reiter founded eda2asic Consulting, Inc. in 2002 to focus on increasing the cooperation between EDA suppliers and ASIC vendors. In this role Herb introduced innovative IC design tools to the major semiconductor vendors worldwide. In 2008 he expanded his scope into Multi-die ICs. As chair of the GSA’s 3D-IC Working Group (2008-2011) and as SEMATECH business development consultant (2012 + ‘13), he broadened his horizon to include interposers and 3D-ICs technology, semiconductor materials as well as manufacturing, metrology and test equipment. In 2014 + '15 Herb consulted with Si2, to encourage development and standardization of data exchange formats for Interposer and 3D-IC design flows.

Since early 2017 Herb spends most of his time organizing and attending industry conferences and blogging about them on 3D InCites' web portal. He also works on projects related to Advanced IC Packaging technologies (2,5/3D-ICs, WLP, Modules) and promotes the need for transitioning our industry from (lower-margin) component-level business to the integration of high-value system-level solutions.

Herb attended 40+ Continuing Education courses at Stanford University, earned an MBA at San Jose State University and Master Degrees in Business and Electrical Engineering at the University and the Technical College in Linz/Austria, respectively. He can be reached at herb@eda2asic.com

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