IMAPS CHIPCon conference was held at the end of July 2023. CHIPcon was created to focus on chiplets and Heterogeneous Integration. The 2023 CHIPcon was held in San Jose and was led by General Chair Steven Kummerl from Texas Instruments.

Samsung AVP

Let’s first take a look at the Samsung keynote given by Vincent Kim, head of Advanced Packaging in Samsung DSRA.

In Dec 2022 to address the growing importance of advanced packaging technology, Samsung Electronics established the Advanced Packaging (AVP) Business Team under the Device Solutions Division to boost the company’s capabilities in advanced packaging technology and maximize the synergy between business units. Samsung AVP platforms are shown in Figure 1.

Samsung AVP
Figure 1: Samsung’s advanced packaging platform offerings for HPC and mobile applications. (Source: Samsung AVP)

The company’s fan out, X-Cube, I-cubeS (silicon interposer), and I-cubeE (embedded Si bridge) technologies are shown in Figures 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Samsung AVP
Figure 2: Samsung’s Fan-out packaging platforms offer size, thickness, and thermal performance benefits for mobile and wearable devices. (Source: Samsung AVP)

Samsung AVP

(Source: Samsung AVP)
Figure 4: Samsung’s I-CubeS 2.5D and 3.5D HBM integration for various configurations. (Source: Samsung AVP)
(Source: Samsung AVP)
Figure 5: Samsung’s I-CubeE and I-CubeR platforms support 2.xD and 3.xD integration for large-size platforms. (Source: Samsung AVP)

Samsung currently serves as the president of the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) standards group looking to define the next-generation chiplet communications protocols.


ETRI, Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, was established in Korea in 1976 to makes a contribution to the nation’s economic and social development through research, development, and distribution of industrial core technologies in the fields of Information, Communications, Electronics, Broadcasting, and Convergence technologies.

Think of it as the equivalent of ITRI in Taiwan. At the recent IMAPS CHIPCon, Youngsu Kwon from the ETRI AI group presented on AI neural processors and chiplet heterogeneous integration, stating that the future of AI requires chiplet innovations to get energy-efficient hyper-scale performance and showed the following slide of high-performance advanced packaging in Korea (Figure 5).


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