Bill Martin

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About Bill

Bill Martin worked at an IDM (Mostek), an ASIC company (VLSI Technology), an EDA company releasing new tools (Synopsys), an EDA company providing services and developing SIP (Mentor), and at an EDA startup focused on SI/PI tools (E-System Design) during his 35-year career. He is now happily retired but observing what is taking place in high technologies.

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PDN Noise: PDN and Signal

In a previous blog, I discussed a power design network’s (PDN) self and transfer impedances. Self impedance highlights anti-resonances causing a...

Path Finding and 3DPF

In the past year, I have written short pieces explaining how Path Finding methodology can proactively help identify viable solutions...

RIP ITRS V1.0: 1992-2015

Prior to 1992, the high technology industry was ‘immature’. Each supply chain vendor (equipment, materials) would accumulate input from their...