05/07/2024 -9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Evolving HPC and Chiplet Packaging with Glass

A Comprehensive Approach to Overcoming Architectural and Integration Challenges

In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, the quest for higher performance, greater integration density, and superior thermal management is relentless. High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems and chiplets are at the forefront of this advancement, pushing the boundaries of technology and demanding innovative packaging solutions.

Traditional materials and methods are increasingly unable to meet these demands, paving the way for the emergence of glass as a pivotal material in semiconductor packaging. This webinar delves into the transformative role of glass in addressing the complex architectural and integration challenges faced in the development of HPC systems and chiplets.

Moderated by:  Françoise von Trapp

Françoise von Trapp is known throughout the semiconductor and microelectronics industries as the “Queen of 3D” for founding 3D InCites and influencing the course of semiconductor device packaging technologies.

Guest Speakers include:

Nils Anspach, LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

Nils Anspach is Head of Key Account Management Semiconductor at LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, renowned for his instrumental contributions to the development and proliferation of Laser Induced Deep Etching (LIDE) technology, and its applications in advanced packaging. With a deep-rooted background in molecular biology and nanotechnology, Nils has extended his expertise in Product management roles at SEMLAB managing projects and customer relations in connection with AFM based defect review technology, thereby enriching his influence in driving innovation within the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. His pivotal role in advancing LIDE technology underscores a career dedicated to fostering innovation, precision, and excellence in semiconductor processing and packaging.

Venky Sundaram, 3D System Scaling, LLC

Venky Sundaram is an influential expert in advanced semiconductor packaging, with a rich background in Materials Science & Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is the founder of 3D System Scaling LLC, where he leverages his expertise to support clients in semiconductor packaging and electrification trends. Previously, as Global Director at Novelis, he initiated a disruptive semiconductor business and led the creation of a lithium-ion battery materials program. At the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center @ GT, Venky directed the largest global program on glass interposers, overseeing $100M+ in R&D and fostering partnerships with over 100 global suppliers, leading to several technologies now in commercial production. His work includes significant advancements in 3D packaging, ultra-fine pitch technologies, and high I/O density interposers, marked by contributions to publications and patents in the field.

E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, Inc.

E. Jan Vardaman is president and founder of TechSearch International, Inc., which has provided market research and technology trend analysis in semiconductor packaging since 1987. She is a senior member of IEEE EPS and is an IEEE EPS Distinguished Lecturer. She received the IMAPS GBC Partnership award in 2012, the Daniel C. Hughes, Jr. Memorial Award in 2018, the Sidney J. Stein International Award in 2019, and she is an IMAPS Fellow. She is a member of MEPTEC, SMTA, and SEMI. She serves on the JEDEC Task Force JESD-94 Working Group Application Specific Qualification Using Knowledge Based Test Methodology. She has served on the IEEE CPMT Board of Governors for two terms. Before founding TechSearch International, she served on the corporate staff of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), the electronics industry’s first pre-competitive research consortium. She received her M.A. from University of Texas, in 1981.