It goes without saying that 2021 was a monumental year for the semiconductor industry, and especially heterogeneous integration. Our industry hit mainstream media like never before, and suddenly the whole world understands the importance of semiconductors in our everyday lives.

At 3D InCites, we spent 2021 covering the topics that meant the most to you, both in our blogs and technical articles, as well as our podcast, which launched in May and has had more than 1800 downloads to date.

Going by our most-read blog posts and most listened to podcast episodes, top of mind for the 3D InCites community was not only how to navigate the chip shortage and supply chain issues amidst explosive demand, but also a growing interest in sustainable semiconductor manufacturing. Onshoring advanced packaging, fan-out packaging, anything surrounding chiplet technology, were also important topics for our readers and listeners.

Additionally, covering “softer” yet equally important topics like recruiting and maintaining the semiconductor workforce, and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), helped grow our younger readership. With 44% of our readership falling between the ages of 18-34, we are proud to be the go-to resource of important semiconductor information for the rising generation of industry leaders (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Breakdown of 3D InCites audience by age. (Source: Google Analytics)

The 12 Months of Blogging

It’s a little difficult to list the most-read blogs this year, as how long a blog post has been live can change the statistics. In fact, the top performer is STILL a blog post that was published in 2018 entitled, Hybrid Bonding, from Concept to Commercialization. But we still wanted to see which posts topped the charts: Here are 2021’s Top 5:

  1. IFTLE 479: ABF Substrate Shortages; Consolidation Continues – Phil Garrou
  2. IFTLE 454: TSMC Exhibits Packaging Prowess at Virtual ECTC 2020 – Phil Garrou
  3. Another Microelectronics Crisis? The Automotive Chip Shortage and Supply Chains – Dean Freeman
  4. How to Create a Vibrant Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry in the United States – Scott Jeweler
  5. Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging Takes Off – Evatec AG

We also decided to see which blogs people were most interested in reading each month in 2021:

JanuaryThe Importance of Sustainability in Semiconductor ManufacturingDean Freeman
FebruaryIFTLE 475: EPTC 2020: IME on Hybrid Bonding Challenges; Latest on IntelPhil Garrou
MarchIFTLE 479: ABF Substrate Shortages; Consolidation ContinuesPhil Garrou
AprilThe Electronics Supply Chain: Is it Broken?Françoise von Trapp
MayIFTLE 486: Morris Chang Expresses Concerns about TSMC Arizona FacilityPhil Garrou
JuneIFTLE 487: Yole Développement Reviews the Advanced Packaging MarketPhil Garrou
July IFTLE 491: IBM Simplifies Si Bridge Technology Phil Garrou
AugustSustainability in the Semiconductor Fab and Sub-FabDean Freeman
SeptemberIFTLE 496: Intel discusses US Mega-FAB; Google To Build Own ARM-based Processor ChipsPhil Garrou
OctoberPanel Level Packaging Consortium 2.0 Gains GroundFrançoise von Trapp
NovemberElectronics Packaging – From Afterthought to Product Differentiator Steffen Kröhnert

Are You Listening?

We launched our podcast in May of 2021, and we’ve dropped 25 episodes so far. While our general cadence is meant to be twice monthly, in November we partnered with SEMICON West to be the Official Podcast of SEMICON West and ramped that up to weekly and then daily podcasts. Here are the five conversations our listeners tuned into most:

The Latest Podcast Episodes

In case you missed them, here are the latest podcast episodes from SEMICON West. 

We’re looking forward to bringing you lots more great content in 2022! Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!  ~ FvT

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