Despite the economic downturn caused by the fight against the Covid-19 virus pandemic, there are some potential growth areas this year. Growth in advanced packaging continues for datacenter servers, AI accelerators, and the 5G infrastructure. The shelter-in-place requirements have driven out-of-season demand for game consoles, commercial and educational laptops and tablets, and monitors. The pandemic is driving increased production of ventilators and wider adoption of telemedicine. Trends in the adoption of industrial IoT continue.

TechSearch International’s new report examines the type of packages that will benefit from this growth and provides a forecast for BGA and CSPs. In 2019, TechSearch International reports that approximately 140 billion units shipped (not including wafer-level packages). Despite the impact of lower smartphone unit volumes in 2020, some specialty packages show growth. The report examines drivers for QFN packages with a special focus on Cu clip, as well as molded interconnect substrates (MIS). Examples of the type of CSPs used in a variety of products based on teardowns are provided. New developments in high-performance packages are discussed, including silicon interposers, embedded bridge, and fan-out on substrate.

A financial analysis of the OSAT market shows the importance of investments in advanced packaging, especially SiP. The latest APU is a 70-page report with full references and an accompanying set of 70 PowerPoint slides.

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Techsearch International, Inc.

TechSearch International, Inc., founded in 1987, is a market research leader specializing in technology trends…

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