3D IC ModuleManufacturing of 3D IC heterogeneous integrated modules for the electronics of a leadless pacemaker in a very small volume has been realized. Manufacturing of 3D IC modules using the described process is ready for medium volume production.

All the electronics of a leadless pacemaker has been integrated into a 3D IC heterogeneous module within size of 2.3*5.2*7.3mm³. The same electronics would be at least 2 times greater for current used technology.

The module has 4 layers stacked using a 3D+WDoD (Wirefree Die-on-Die) process from 3D Plus. The layers are stacked at the wafer level. 2 layers have known good passive (30) and active components (3) and are reconstituted wafers using fan out WLP technology eWLB. RDL pitch is 100µm. The 2 other layers are PCB based.

The manufacturing of the leadless 3D IC heterogeneous integrated modules has been performed in a pilot line. The modules have been tested. Manufacturing of larger quantities of 3D IC modules is ready. The same process can be used for manufacturing other devices where the application requires extra small volume devices.


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