About Smoltek

About Smoltek

Smoltek is a global technology provider for the new wave of advanced packaging and heterogenous integration.

Smoltek provides groundbreaking technology for heterogenous integration and advanced semiconductor packaging. By pioneering carbon nanotechnology, we keep scaling advanced semiconductor packaging technologies on a system level.

Smoltek is pushing the limits for the scaling of microelectronics. Our disruptive nanotechnology is what the semiconductor industry is looking for. We provide our technology to our customers by licensing our IP, supported by technology transfer and long-term relations.

Smoltek specializes in development and integration of carbon nanostructure fabrication technology, mainly for the semiconductor industry and in the areas of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. Our technology platform is based on CMOS compatible low temperature catalytic growth processing. This enables controlled growth of exactly located and defined individual nanostructures, or clusters or films made of such nanostructures.

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