Smoltek is awarded a new patent in Japan. This patent is the sixth one of the patent family in the direction of CNF-MIM based compact energy storage on interposers. This also means that our global patent portfolio now comprises 77 granted patents.

Smoltek’s 77th patent has been granted in Japan and is covering the invention and manufacturing of extremely thin energy storage devices embedded in an interposer.

Our inventions in the area of semiconductors and electronics facilitate integration of extremely low-profile solid state energy storage devices, such as CNF-MIM capacitors, closer to the connection points and power rails of the active chips. The CNF-MIM-technology offers the smallest form-factor for integrated high-performance capacitors by providing very high capacitance per area at a fragment of height compared with today’s technologies.

Traditionally, an interposer is used only to make redistributions layers (RDL) or interconnects for other dies to be connected. With our patented concept, it will be possible to make the interposer having energy storage devices e.g. capacitors, solid state micro batteries etc. embedded within the interposer structure. This allows not only to have interposer with interconnects but also with energy storage.

“The applications of such interposers are anticipated to steadily grow in the field of Heterogeneous Integration. And in this case, our compact energy storage interposer family is complementary to our Interposer family, and offers an alternative path to utilize our CNF-MIM technology primarily to manufacture interposers. The beauty of our concept is that it facilitates to make an interposer smarter with added functionality embedded within the interposer. Quite mindboggling, actually,” says Farzan Ghavanini, CTO and Head of R&D at Smoltek.Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 77 granted patents. Read more about our IP and patents.


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