Smoltek, a leading Swedish nanotech company in the semiconductor industry, has expanded its patent portfolio in Asia the last month. New patents in Japan and South Korea are important milestones to increase the company’s core patent portfolio footprint on growth methods for nanostructures.

“With three new essential Asian patents granted within a month – in South Korea and Japan – we now get a good balance between our strong US footprint and the equally important Asian market with an attractive IP distribution among China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. This development truly supports our global ambition and focus on licensing our unique technology to the advanced semiconductor packaging industry,” says Anders Johansson, CEO Smoltek AB.

Smoltek’s core patent portfolio covers different methods for manufacturing, or growth, of nanostructures on a substrate, and applications utilizing such. Typical examples are carbon nanofibers, nanotubes or nanowires.

The new South Korean patent covers an additional aspect of a method that enables growth of nanostructures on a substrate. One of the new Japanese patents covers an aspect of an essential growth-related method to enable growing nanostructures on any substrate that is sensitive to a plasma environment, to enable growth of nanostructures without destroying the substrate underneath. Further, the latest Japanese patent covers an aspect of how nanostructures can be used for joining two adjacent layers or substrates for interconnecting purposes.

 Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 48 granted patents. Read more about the patents here –

Smoltek AB
Smoltek is a privately held company based in Sweden that specializes in development of nanostructure fabrication technology to solve advanced materials engineering problems.

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