Smoltek’s IP related to interposer technology keeps growing. This new US patent is covering energy storage devices embedded in an interposer, and manufacturing of the same. Our patent portfolio now comprises 62 granted patents.

Smoltek’s inventions facilitate integration of extremely thin solid-state energy storage devices, CNF-MIM capacitors, closer to the interconnection points and power rails of the active chips. The CNF-MIM technology offers the industry’s smallest formfactor for high-performance capacitors by providing a very high capacitance per area at a fragment of the height compared to today’s technologies.

In the semiconductor industry the Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration concepts offers architectures for increased functionality and enhanced performances on a system level together with an ever-smaller footprint. Interposers are important building-blocks in these architectures. Silicon interposers have so far mainly been utilized for high-end semiconductors such as high-performance GPUs, CPUs, FPGAs, and HBMs, while the mid-end segment has a greater share of organic interposers due to cost issues. The point is that interposers today is a key sub-component and a main staple technology.

With this newly granted patent, we are expanding our interposer-related protection scheme on the US market.

Interposers are frequently and increasingly used in advanced semiconductor products. We are happy to make our technology even more relevant to the industry by facilitating further improved performance and thereby adding significant value,says Dr Shafiq Kabir, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek.

Traditionally, an interposer has been used only for passive redistributions layers (RDL) or interconnects for other dies to be connected. Over time other passive functionality has been added, such interposers are often referred to as “smart interposers”. Our patented concept comprises energy storage devices, e.g. capacitors, solid state micro batteries etc., to be embedded in the interposer structure.

The market for such interposers is anticipated to steadily grow in the field of Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration. Our Compact Energy Storage Interposer family is complementary to our other Interposer families and offers an additional path to utilize our CNF-MIM technology.

Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 62 granted patents. Read more about our IP and patents.


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