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Short interview with Sr. Staff Application Engineer in Japan

We are glad to announce that we have a new demo tool in our FormFactor FRT office in Japan. After successfully finishing the training of our colleagues, we now have a fully-functioning demo lab in Japan with a competetent team. We did a short interview with Chikashi Ito, Sr Staff Application Engineer, in order to gain more insights of how the new tool is working so far.

What tool do you use?

  • Ito: Manual metrology tool MicroProf to demonstrate advanced metrology solutions to FFI customer in Japan.

What are the most relevant measurement tasks you show to customers at your facility?

  • Ito: As we focus on Advanced Packaging market, TTV Bow Warp is one of the most relevant measurement tasks. However as there are many kinds of advance parts manufacturer in Japan (ex., optics parts, MEMS), surface roughness and flatness are also used frequently.

Why you are glad to have that tool and the application training?

  • Ito: To show our customers live how FRT Metrology tools are able to perform and how easy to use they are.

If you want to learn more about our powerful metrology tool MicroProf 300 for quality assurance, development and manufacturing, click here.

FormFactor team in Korea

We are glad to have the support from our colleagues in Taiwan who since almost 2 years use our MicroProf FE as a demo tool for evaluation of trench inspection and thin film measurement for a major tech-player. Our Account Manager Frank Ha stated: “We provided good measurement results and we will keep working with our customers for more evaluation after the tool moving to Korea office”. There are many test requests from many kinds of industries like optics, finemachining, PCB manufacturing and semiconductor. Customers Engineers are willing to attend demo tests and watch how FRT Metrology tool measures their samples by themselves.


Read more about our MicroProf FE here.

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