If you’ve attended the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference over the past three years, you probably noticed a hand-drawn mural coming to life out on the veranda of the conference center, where the receptions, poster session, and 3D InCites Awards Ceremony takes place.  Created by illustrator, Ronna Encarnacion, the mural is always thematic, and has the logos of its sponsors woven into the illustration. Its purpose is to raise awareness about a topic, provide a back-drop for our awards ceremony, and most importantly, serve as a fundraising activity for STEM education.

This year’s mural theme, Integrating Community for a Multi-Dimensional World, was selected to bring attention to 3D InCites as more than just another online publication, but a vibrant community that supports the people who make heterogeneous integration technology possible. Now more than ever, we believe providing a virtual platform where people can share their ideas and stories, is of critical importance. At this posting, we have welcomed over 33 companies to our Community Membership program. Learn how you can become a part of it here.

The announcement of this year’s charity and the amount was paused, due, in part, to the global pandemic and ensuing shut down. But now, when we can all use a bit of good news, I’m pleased to announce we have made a $4000 donation to the IMAPS Foundation. This an increase of $500 over 2019, and $1000 over the 2018 donations. Thank you to all who contributed to this year’s community* effort:

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