About DECA

Deca was born of a passion to transform the way the world builds advanced electronic devices. In our first decade, our 10X thinking brought to life exciting breakthroughs for leading mobile semiconductor companies. From initial applications in traditional semiconductor packaging, to the growth of chiplets and heterogeneous integration, we have created key foundational building blocks for the future.

Our world class investors, including Infineon, Qualcomm, ASE, nepes and SunPower, are respected industry leaders who provide us with the strength and visibility to create an entirely new model.

Products and Solutions

Our flagship product, M-Series™, is a rugged, fully molded fan-out wafer-level package (FOWLP) that provides exceptional reliability, performance, and quality; all in a miniaturized format. M-Series FX is designed into most of the leading smartphones around the globe with annual shipment volumes in the hundreds of millions.

Adaptive Patterning™ (AP) fundamentally revitalizes the spirit of innovation in manufacturing. Extending beyond traditional Design for Manufacturing (DFM), our unique Design-During-Manufacturing (DDM) adapts each design in real-time to accommodate natural process variation producing perfectly aligned interconnects every time on every device.

Through the divestiture of our manufacturing operations in early 2020, we transformed into a pure-play technology provider. We built upon our highly successful technology transfer and license agreements with ASE and nepes to make M-Series and AP technologies available to the industry as emerging standards for advanced fan-out and related technologies.

Our AP Live Network creates a supply chain ecosystem that spans from initial product design through high volume production. Preparing new product designs for Adaptive Patterning is simple through the integration of the Deca AP Studio with industry-leading EDA tools. Implementing production capacity is plug-and-play, as key equipment OEMs embed certified AP Connect functionality into their machines. The power of Adaptive Patterning is readily accessible through the rapidly growing AP Live Network. Together with our licensees and our AP Live Network partners, we at Deca are creating exciting new advanced electronic interconnect solutions for the Chiplet Era!


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