Founder’s Award honors individuals who have made the most significant contributions to the microelectronics packaging industry

Tempe, Ariz. – October 18, 2022 – Deca Technologies, a leading provider of advanced electronic interconnect technology, is proud to announce that its founder and CEO, Tim Olson, was awarded the International Microelectronics Assembly & Packaging Society (IMAPS) Founder’s Award at the 55th IMAPS Symposium held in Boston earlier this month.

The Founder’s Award recognizes an individual who has made significant technical and leadership contributions to IMAPS and the international microelectronics packaging industry in creating a company with 10 or more years of longevity. IMAPS is the largest society dedicated to developing microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education.

“On behalf of the awards committee at IMAPS, we were honored to present Tim Olson with the IMAPS Founder’s Award at our symposium and annual meetings in Boston this year,” said Rich Rice, 2022 IMAPS Awards chair and former IMAPS president. “We clearly recognized that Tim has made significant contributions to the industry through the founding of Deca Technologies in 2009. The technology offered by Deca has proven to be viable, is produced in high-volume production today, and will play an important role in the industry for enabling heterogeneous integration solutions for microelectronics products for the foreseeable future.”

“I am honored and humbled to receive the IMAPS Founder’s Award. It has been an incredible journey in creating Deca with an amazing group of team members who contributed their skill, ingenuity, vision, and commitment to developing our award-winning advanced packaging and electronic interconnect technologies,” Olson stated.

In 2009, Olson founded Deca with a vision to transform how the world creates advanced electronic systems. Deca’s advances include M-Series™, the industry’s leading fan-out technology, with more than 4.5 million products currently shipping per day, as well as Adaptive Patterning®, the innovative design-during-manufacturing system that eliminates fixed glass photomasks, allowing uniquely optimized designs for every device in real time.

Olson graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Dakota with dual bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and engineering management. He has contributed to multiple industry publications and holds more than two dozen issued United States patents relating to semiconductor packaging, software, equipment, process, and design.


About Deca Technologies

Deca is a leading provider of advanced packaging technology to the semiconductor industry with M-Series™ fan-out and Adaptive Patterning® real-time design-during-manufacturing. A growing list of industry leaders has completed technology transfer and license agreements for access to Deca’s proven structures, processes, materials, equipment, design systems, and know-how. Starting with the highest quality and reliability in Gen 1 aimed at smartphone applications, and moving on to the growth of Gen 2 for chiplets and heterogeneous integration, Deca’s technologies are emerging as key industry standards for the future.



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