Nepes Laweh corporation announced the successful production of the world’s first 600mm x 600mm large Panel Level Packaging (PLP) using Deca’s M-Series fan-out technologies.
Nepes Laweh had a grand opening of the Cheongan Campus PLP Line on December 7th with the presence of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do, and representatives of clients and partners. The company announced that the Fan-out-Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP) line completed customer certification in the third quarter, and secured a stable yield and entered full-scale mass production.

The recently opened Cheongan Campus is built on a 46-acre (186,000m2) of land which is equivalent to 25 soccer fields. The campus is a PLP fab facility that can produce up to 96,000 of 600mm panels with PLP per year. Nepes is expected to provide high-density packaging solutions required for advanced system semiconductors for each application, such as smartphones, automobiles, and IoT, based on the customer needs.

“FOPLP is the best packaging solution for high-end semiconductors, which has resulted from long cooperation with global partners in various industries such as materials, parts, and equipment,” said Chilhee Chung, Chairman and Director of semiconductor division of Nepes.

“We’re pleased to be working with Nepes to bring the industry’s largest format 600mm square panel to volume production,” commented Tim Olson, CEO of Deca. He further added, “With initial production focused on single and multi-die packages for leading Smartphone producers, the future is heterogeneous integration of chiplets using Deca’s Gen 2 technology. A recent customer application with 10 embedded chiplets was designed into a 36mm x 36mm package. Such a large device is limited to 73% maximum utilization on 300mm round format due to edge losses. On 600mm, the utilization jumps to 92%, delivering greater than 25% cost reduction on area utilization alone.”

Fan-out-Panel Level Packaging (FO-PLP):

One of the next-generation packaging technologies, Fan-out (FO) technology can increase the number of input/output terminals by placing semiconductor I/Os outside the die. Nepes’ 600mm square panel makes it possible to minimize the discarded edges and can produce five times as many chips as one 300mm round panel.

About Nepes Laweh |

Nepes Laweh is a leading company in the system semiconductor industry with advanced fan-out packaging solutions. In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, when semiconductors are refined and advanced, such as 5G, self-driving cars, and smartphones, we are presenting new standards for fan-out packages based on nPLP technology using 600mm large square panels.

About Deca Technologies |

Deca is a leading provider of advanced packaging technology to the semiconductor industry with M-Series fan-out and Adaptive Patterning® real-time design-during-manufacturing. A growing list of industry leaders has completed technology transfer and license agreements for access to Deca’s proven structures, processes, materials, equipment, design systems and know-how. Starting with the highest quality and reliability in Gen 1 aimed at Smartphone applications to the growth of Gen 2 for chiplets and heterogeneous integration, Deca’s technologies are emerging as key industry standards for the future.


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