About Adeia

About Adeia

Our fundamental innovations shape the way millions of people explore and experience entertainment and enhance billions of devices in an increasingly connected world. From TVs to smartphones, in almost any place you can think of, from home to work to on the go, and in all types of entertainment experiences, from Pay-TV to OTT, managing content and connections in a way that is smart, immersive and personal is precisely what our innovations do.

Our patented innovations broadly cover all aspects of the entertainment experience, including guidance, discovery, search, recommendations, DVR, VOD, OTT, multi-screen, personalization, data analytics, advertising, imaging, content storage and high-performance computing.

Adeia licenses its patented media innovations for use with traditional linear television both in North America and internationally, and increasingly in connection with OTT, direct-to-consumer, and social media services that provide access to entertainment inside and outside the home on a broad array of devices. We believe the continued growth of video consumption, the evolution of how consumers explore and experience video, and the need for content storage and high performance computing present new opportunities for us to continue to develop patentable innovations, expand the industries we serve, and to license additional patent rights.

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