2014 3D InCites Awards Winners

Design Tools

E-System Design: Sphinx 3D Path Finder (“3DPF”) V3.0

The Sphinx 3D Path Finder (3DPF) is an exploration tool enabling fast test case creation and analysis for silicon and glass interposers containing: solder balls, pillars, bond wires, TSV/TSG as well as RDL interconnect structures. E-System Design: Sphinx 3D Path Finder (“3DPF”) V3.0 All based upon a patented simulation engine with the accuracy of full wave electromagnetic solvers. Te… »


SORIN CRM: 3D IC Module for Active Medical Implant

Manufacturing of 3D IC heterogeneous integrated modules for the electronics of a leadless pacemaker in a very small volume has been realized. Manufacturing of 3D IC modules using the described process is ready for medium volume production. Testimonial All the electronics of a leadless pacemaker has been integrated into a 3D IC heterogeneous module within size of 2.3*5.2*7.3mm³. The same electroni… »

Inspection/Metrology Tools

Fogale: TMAP DUAL 3D 300 A

The TMAP DUAL 3D 300 A is a unique metrology and inspection tool available to the semiconductor industry capable of addressing all customer measurement requirements for MEMS and 3D packaging. The TMAP is highly flexible, accurate, and repeatable. The heart of this tool is based on multi-sensor heads which include different technologies in the same integrated tool. As an example, double IR microsco… »

Manufacturing Equipment

SSEC: WaferEtch TSV Revealer

SSEC’s WaferEtch™ TSV Revealer is a single wafer wet processing platform for 3D IC and interposer wet etching applications designed to reduce processing and capital equipment costs. The WaferEtch features superior uniformity of silicon thickness (as low as -/+ 0.7%). Testimonial Via reveal is a critical process step in 2.5D and 3D IC technologies that involves thinning the backside of the wafe… »


SPTS: Blanket Silicon Etch Process for Via Reveal

The blanket silicon etch process performed on the SPTS Rapier XE achieves an etch rate >8.5µm/min, high selectivity (Si:SiO>150:1), and is ~3-4x faster than competing systems. A unique dual plasma source design creates a uniform etch (<±3%) across a 300mm wafer, which can be “tuned” to compensate for variations in in-coming wafer thicknesses. Testimonial Via reveal is a 2.5D/3D tec… »

Reader’s Choice Award

Novati Technologies: Silicon Interposer Module

The 2.5D Interposer Module features three front-side interconnect layers of dual-damascene copper on top of a single-damascene copper metal layer, with 2µm Line/Space/Thickness interconnect dimensions. The via-first TSVs are copper-filled with a 10:1 aspect ratio and via-last TSVs are copper-lined, polyimide-filled with a 5:1 aspect ratio, both with 50µm pitch. Testimonial In addition to increas… »