Sphinx3DThe Sphinx 3D Path Finder (3DPF) is an exploration tool enabling fast test case creation and analysis for silicon and glass interposers containing: solder balls, pillars, bond wires, TSV/TSG as well as RDL interconnect structures. E-System Design: Sphinx 3D Path Finder (“3DPF”) V3.0 All based upon a patented simulation engine with the accuracy of full wave electromagnetic solvers.

Many ECTC attendees were shocked by 3DPF’s demo.  3DPF has been developed for both expert and non-expert users, to construct complex test structures and perform accurate 3D analysis. The graphical user interface (GUI) is highly intuitive, making it easy and fast to create complex blocks/structures and supporting Design of Experiments (DoE).  Blocks can be created defining: process, metal/via topologies and via profiles. These “Lego-like” blocks can be arranged into multi-block structures interconnected using balls, pillars and bond wires. Other tools may take hours to create test cases that can be easily constructed within minutes using 3DPF. In addition, 3DPF’s engine has comparable accuracy to full wave EM solvers but with our vertical interconnect meshless approach, 3DPF requires significantly less memory resulting in much faster analysis. By accelerating test case creation AND analysis, these remove restrictions imposed by other tools not specifically developed for path finding.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: 5/29/2014
Category Product is being Nominated for: Design Tools (includes EDA and Design for Test)
Technical Information for the Sphinx 3D Path Finder V3.0

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