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Audiences in China have no access to social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, but they’ve completely embraced the WeChat platform. Launched in 2011 by Tencent, WeChat has grown from a messaging app to a unique social media hybrid. It forms the basis of the daily digital life for people living in China. Its functions include instant messaging, video calls, mini-blogging, mini-apps, mini-games, shopping, paying bills, and mobile payment. WeChat also functions as a content platform. Its service accounts and subscriptions allow companies to deliver consistent and timely information to clients and potential clients.

Simply put, WeChat is a multi-purpose platform that offers both companies and users real convenience by performing a plethora of everyday activities without the need to switch between apps.

According to Tencent, the WeChat platform had 1.2 billion active users worldwide in 2020. Among these active users, they spend an average of 75 minutes on WeChat per day, and over half of them spend over 30 minutes per day on the app to get the news.

China is a huge market, but many apps and information are censored. Therefore, there is a voracious demand for news catered to specific interests. We are excited to announce that 3D InCites has launched our Chinese version on WeChat. Our Chinese site will report the latest news, local events, and in-depth analysis of market trends. It also provides Chinese semiconductor professionals with the latest business and technology/product information. If you have any China-specific news to share or pertinent articles, please reach out to Ina Chu.

To find us on WeChat and keep up with the China semiconductor industry, scan the QR code below. If you are already a WeChat subscriber, you will be directed to open the link in your app. If not, you will need to download the app to your phone. If you’re not taken directly to the 3D InCites profile,  please search 3DInCites (all one word) and follow us! 

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