mentorfig copyXpedition® Package Integrator provides a holistic co-design methodology that automates planning and optimization of connectivity from a chip through multiple packaging variables, while targeting multiple PCB platforms. Engineers can quickly and easily assemble complete cross-domain systems (IC, package & board) and drive ball map plans and pin optimization through a rule-based methodology.

Today’s leading edge IC packaging technologies require a co-design methodology that streamlines the planning, assembly, and optimization of the IC die, package substrate, and PCB while assimilating the physical and logical interactions between each design domain.  Package pin-outs and other packaging interconnect structures, such as bridges and interposers, must not only be optimized based on die level constraints, but also on the constraints, escape routing, and pin-outs of critical interfaces on the PCB. In short, the concept of throwing your design over the wall and letting the next guy deal with it, no longer works.

Implementing a holistic co-design methodology with Xpedition Package Integrator can lead to drastic reductions in the cost of the package (and the board) by highlighting the interactions that impact layer count and size.  The co-design process facilitates communication and improves understanding among the IC die, package substrate and PCB design teams by enabling each team to visualize how the physical and logical connectivity to their design integrates within the full system.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: March 23, 2015
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