GEMINI®FB XT Automated Production Fusion Bonding System The GEMINI®FB XT fusion wafer bonding platform features up to a 3X improvement in wafer-to-wafer bond alignment accuracy as well as a 50% increase in throughput over the previous industry benchmark platform. These performance breakthroughs clear several key hurdles to the industry’s adoption of 3D-IC/TSV technology.


According to the ITRS, high-density TSV applications require wafer bonding alignment accuracy of 500nm (3 sigma). To enable high process yields for hybrid bonding, even tighter specifications are needed. The GEMINI FB XT incorporates EVG’s SmartView® NT2 bond aligner, which enables dramatically improved wafer-to-wafer alignment accuracy to below 200 nm (3 sigma). This represents a 3X improvement over the previous industry benchmark for bond aligners and exceeds the latest ITRS Roadmap requirements.

The Gemini FB XT is also optimized for ultra-high throughput and productivity. Additional pre- and post-processing modules have been added for wafer cleaning and surface preparation, plasma activation and wafer bond alignment that enable increases in throughput by up to 50 percent, which helps significantly drive down 3D-IC/TSV manufacturing costs.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: July, 2014
Category Product is being Nominated for: Manufacturing Equipment
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