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They call me the “Queen of 3D” because I have been following the course of 3D integration and blogging about it since 2009. Francoisein3D is the featured blog on this…

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Today, July 6, 2009, is the day a vision becomes a reality. When I first started Françoise in 3D, I knew it was just the beginning of something much bigger. During the last six months, with the help of Leo Archer, industry colleague, friend, and now full-fledged business partner; and Robert Petrossian, founder of SemiNeedle; this vision has taken shape and form to become 3D InCites a partner-supported community forum dedicated to stirring up interest in 3D integration.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining what this site is. I’d rather you spend your time taking it out for a test drive. You’ll notice we’ve established topic centers focused on the different supply chain categories critical to 3D Integration technologies: R&D collaboration; materials; equipment; processes technology; and; design, test and inspection. Tell us what you think. Consider becoming a corporate partner. To celebrate this launch, we will post the logos of the first 10 organizations who post comments in their associated topic center for the duration of SEMICON West. ~  F.v.T.

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