MARCH Products, part of Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS, has designed and manufactured plasma equipment for more than 30 years. Based in Concord, California, MARCH’s global team of engineers and scientists is committed to research and development of next-generation solutions that address the need for automation, better uniformity, higher throughput, and effective plasma treatment of complex packaging structures, where a high amount of organic contamination or other by-products must be removed before the next process. It’s also used for surface treatment to make surfaces hydrophilic and ruggedized.

Plasma is used in semiconductor, printed circuit board, microelectronics, medical device manufacturing, hard disk drive, LED, and solar/photovoltaic industries. Labs in the USA, Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, and Korea, support ongoing plasma treatment innovations worldwide.

Several product lines offer solutions for semiconductor and advanced packaging:

MARCH SPHERE™ Series is designed for plasma treatment for fan out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), 3D packaging, flip-chip, and traditional back-end packaging. Plasma applications include surface preparation and activation, the removal of residues and organic contaminations, descum or removal of photoresist residues, and the cleaning of metal pads and lines. For FOWLP, for example, high aspect ratio copper pillars must have good critical dimension (CD) uniformity and smooth side-wall roughness. The effectiveness of the plasma descum process to remove photoresist scum residues and enhance the surface hydrophilicity for Cu plating results in good copper pillar plating uniformity and smooth sidewall roughness of plated copper pillars.

MARCH TRAK™ Series plasma system delivers superior plasma treatment quality and automation in one very configurable platform, resulting in high-throughput plasma processing and plasma cleaning for semiconductor and electronics packaging. TRAK systems support manual and automated operations (with inline or built-in handler), SMEMA and SECS/GEM communication protocols, and remote user interface.