About Henkel

About Henkel

Electronics innovation touches nearly every facet of our lives. We drive hybrid and electric vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems, use smartphones to manage our work and play, see a new world through augmented reality (AR) headsets, enjoy personalized on-screen entertainment while flying in airplanes, and control our living space through connected home devices. Years ago, some of these innovations were only a dream.

Henkel is the premier materials supplier for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. Our advanced formulations include a range of products that facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection, and transfer heat for reliable performance. We're proud to create products that improve today’s electronic technologies and enable tomorrow’s advances.

Semiconductor technology and, specifically, the packaging of semiconductor devices has never touched more applications than it does today. As all parts of everyday life become increasingly digitalized – from automobiles to home security to smartphones and 5G infrastructure – semiconductor packaging innovation is at the core of responsive, reliable, robust electronic functionality.

Thinner wafers, decreasing footprints, finer pitches, package integration, 3D designs, wafer-level technology and high-volume production economies of scale demand enabling materials that can support innovation ambitions. Henkel’s total solutions approach leverages extensive global resources to deliver superior semiconductor packaging material technologies and cost-competitive performance. From die attach adhesives used in traditional wirebond packaging to advanced underfills and encapsulants for advanced packaging applications, Henkel provides the cutting-edge materials technology and global support top microelectronics companies require.


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