Investment to drive localized innovation and to strengthen collaboration with consumer electronics customers.

Henkel has officially opened its South China Application Engineering Center (SCAEC) in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. With its first engineering center for electronics applications in the region, the company aims to enhance the support of Chinese consumer electronics customers. Housing advanced testing, analytical and research labs as well as joint development labs, the state-of-the-art facility is designed to expedite the development of next-generation consumer electronic products and empower industry innovation.

Strategically located in the epicenter of China’s consumer electronics cluster, Dongguan Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Henkel can provide prompt technical support and increased collaboration with customers to speed up prototype development. The center focuses on four major consumer devices technology platforms – structural bonding application, encapsulation application, thermal interface material application and electrically conductive adhesive/ink application, all of which support the performance testing and product development.

With access to Henkel’s knowledgeable teams, extensive lab resources worldwide in real time and link to massive experimental data points, SCAEC is dedicated to supporting the company’s high-tech customers in technical innovation and product development through faster application simulation, data generation and analysis, thereby accelerating time-to-market.

“China is a major center of innovation and business growth for consumer electronic devices. As the latest investment to our global R&D network, SCAEC is yet another important innovation base that will strengthen our ties with local high-tech customers and further expand business cooperation,” says Hock-guan Tan, Head of Electronics China and India at Henkel. “Through digitalization, the center connects and shares our global R&D resources and technical expertise, where we can leverage our advantages in innovation as well as future-ready operating models to enhance our value creation for customers. We reaffirm our sustainability commitments in the Chinse market, focusing on sustainable materials, durability, carbon neutral initiatives and adoption of alternative raw materials.”

In addition to specialized laboratories with advanced assets such as mechanical property evaluation equipment, constant temperature and humidity systems, and reliability testing and failure analysis capabilities, SCAEC is also an industry-leading electrical conductive ink (ECI) application lab for printing direct structure (PDS) antenna and an open lab to support color match or appearance demand application. Equipped with first-in-class analytical instruments and robust engineering capability, Henkel can offer in-depth and comprehensive material characterization and analysis, as well as emerging application simulation and process optimization. Moreover, SCAEC’s joint development lab provides collaborative spaces for Henkel and customers to engage in new designs.

“Material innovation is essential to the delivery of groundbreaking electronic products to end-users in the consumer electronics industry,” Dr. Kefan Ni, Head of Application Engineering Electronics in the Asia-Pacific Region at Henkel adds. “The SCAEC commands top-class technical know-how and extensive lab resources. In particular, the center offers a truly inspiring environment including a joint development lab to reinforce our commitment to innovative collaborations with high-tech customers. And through customized innovation, we enable them to better address the challenges of technology iteration and sustainability, accelerating the transformation and growth of the consumer electronics markets today and tomorrow.”


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