14 years ago, I had an idea to create a content platform devoted to the advancement of semiconductor 3D Integration technologies. I called it 3D InCites because to “incite” means to “stir up interest in”. I also liked the play on 3D IC.

I started attending industry events and blogging about 3D integration technologies, and the companies that were accelerating their adoption. 3D inCites partnered with industry organizations like IMAPS, SEMI, and ECTC, providing valuable coverage of their events, as well as the event participants.

We had a sponsorship business model, and EV Group was the first supplier to test the waters as a site sponsor (and is still with us today). Other early adopters included start-ups like Alchimer – later to become Aveni; Replisaurus; which was acquired by S.E.T; Nexx Systems, later to be acquired by TEL; Tegal France, which became part of SPTS, and several others. That was Chapter One.

But just like the industry wasn’t ready for through silicon vias (TSVs) in 2009, the microelectronics industry wasn’t quite ready for a non-traditional approach to the trade press. So it was slow going. That is until Martijn Pierik and Dave Richardson, of Impress Labs (later to become Kiterocket), saw value in the platform as the PR landscape was changing. They invited me to join Impress as a subject matter expert (later to become content and creative director at Kiterocket), while also partnering with me to grow 3D InCites. So began Chapter 2.

A few more years went by, and we redefined our focus to include the full scope of heterogeneous integration technologies. We redesigned the site so we could offer traditional banner advertising. In 2013 we established the 3D InCites Awards program, recognizing companies that were advancing the heterogeneous integration roadmap.  Industry bloggers like Phil Garrou, Dean Freeman, and Julia Goldstein joined our team to add their expertise in advanced packaging, market research, and sustainability, respectively. We added sustainability and DEI initiatives. Suddenly, 3D InCites was more than just a content platform. It was really a community.

So, we began offering memberships that gave companies that play in the heterogeneous integration ecosystem a place to share their news and content. We began talking not just about the technologies, but the people behind the technologies. We launched the 3D InCites Yearbook on our 10th Anniversary, complete with photo pages from events we participated in over the years. And we started an industry podcast. That was Chapter 3.

And now we’re about to embark on yet another new chapter for 3D InCites, and for me. 3D and heterogeneous integration technologies have come into their own. Our membership has grown to 56 companies (and counting) representing the entire supply chain, from design to materials and manufacturing, test, and inspection. It’s our time to shine.

I can no longer divide my time between 3D InCites and Kiterocket and give my all to both roles. So it’s time to follow my heart, and my heart is and always has been with 3D InCites.  So after 11 years, I’ve decided to leave the safety net of full-time salary and benefits that Kiterocket has provided and embrace entrepreneurship to the fullest. With Martijn’s full support as my business partner, I’m excited to devote myself full-time to elevating 3D InCites to the community it’s meant to be.

Francoise von Trapp

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