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This year, 3D InCites is zooming into SEMICON West, talking with our community to see how our members are handling this challenging landscape and to share updates on technology, business, and other news.

Join us in the 3D InCites virtual booth to view Zoom interviews with ASE Group, Cimetrix, EV Group, Smoltek, Jiaco, Finetech, FormFactor, Trymax Semiconductor, ERS Electronic, Namics, StratEdge, Mosaic Micro, SVXR, Plan Optik, Onto Innovation and Xperi.

Many 3D InCites Community Members are also participating as SEMICON West exhibitors. Here’s an important tip: there are no booth numbers to identify companies this year. However, they are grouped in halls by category. For example, all the equipment suppliers are in one hall, and then listed in alphabetical order. Be sure to stop in to visit!


You’ll also find our members participating in these SEMICON West Keynotes and Executive Panels:

[LIVE] Optimizing Your Manufacturing – Sensing, Connecting, and Predicting the Smart Way

Tuesday, July 21 | 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Full Stack Computational Optimization Through Virtual Fabrication

10:30 am – 11:00 am

Speaker: Joe Ervin, Director, Semiconductor Process & Integration, Coventor, Lam Research

[LIVE] Manufacturing Excellence – Using AI and Analytics to Put Your Data to Work

Tuesday, July 21 | 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

AI-Powered Metrology and Inspection for Semiconductor Manufacturing

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Speaker: Yudong Hao, Senior Director Marketing, Onto Innovation

[LIVE] The New Reality – Digital Internships

Wednesday, July 22 | 10:30 am – 11:00 am

The microelectronics industry has long relied on internships to help build its workforce. Most interns who successfully complete their short stint at a company are offered a full-time job. Even before COVID-19, more companies have been turning to digital internships to engage students from across the country. Management and internship coordinators had to quickly come up with new ways to not only give interns meaningful work but replicate day-to-day personal and social interaction, considered valuable parts of internships. Deemed an ‘essential industry’, microelectronics continued it crucial work, and interns remain important to meeting future workforce needs.

Speaker: Tina Revels, University Relations Manager, KLA

[LIVE] Keynote: Tim Archer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lam Research

Thursday, July 23 | 8:30 am – 9:00 am

[LIVE] Creating a Culture of Inclusivity

Thursday, July 23 | 10:30 am – 11:00 am

Diversity can take many shapes and forms. This panel discussion will broaden your vision of what it means when we embrace diversity and how everyone can benefit from the rich skillsets these speakers represent. Panelists will address how to be an ally for women in tech, challenge microaggressions, and reduce power differentials in a professional environment. We will speak to thought diversity in tech, unconscious bias, and how companies can affect change to move the needle for a more inclusive culture.

Speaker: Lubab Sheet-Davis, VP, Innovation and Strategy, Office of the CTO, Lam Research

[LIVE] Hiring Heroes – Creating a Path from Military to Civilian Workforce

Thursday, July 23 | 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Many companies are eager to hire veterans because of their discipline and work ethic. However, transitioning from the military to civilian work can be confusing and challenging. Learn why veterans make ideal employees especially during these uncertain times.


Kathy Garner Manager, Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility, TEL

Shawn Harbert, Sr. Mgr, NPI Materials, PECVD | GOps (Pilot Materials), Lam Research

[On Demand] Building a Better Network: Crucial Connections

Research has shown that women are often more hesitant to ask a connection for anything due to concerns about being perceived as opportunistic, or even weak. Women are generally strong collaborators and communicators, but lack of business-related connections leads to fewer opportunities for recognition and promotion. So, how can women, including women of color build the critical connections which will lead them to succeed? This presentation will explore the vital role networking plays in the success of all women throughout various stages of their careers, as they pursue opportunities and overcome challenges.

Speaker: Amy Leong, Chief Marketing Officer, FormFactor

There are also three Advanced Packaging sessions on-demand, all about heterogeneous integration in different applications. Bill Chen, of ASE Group Global, also a 3D InCites Community Member, will lead those discussions.

For more details about Virtual SEMICON West, visit the website.


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