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About JIACO Instruments

About JIACO Instruments

JIACO Instrument’s atmospheric Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation is the new standard for Failure Analysis & Reliability Testing decapsulation. The fully automated MIP process is highly selective, utilizing only Oxygen and patent-pending Hydrogen-based recipes. Critical failure sites in advanced packages e.g. SiP, WCLSP, 3D, 2.5D are retained without process-induced damage to challenging materials e.g. Cu pillars, Ag or Cu bond wire, GaAs, Cu-RDL, BOAC. The MIP decapsulation system thus enables true root cause failure analysis and is also invaluable during qualification procedures for new processes and materials.

The JIACO Instruments system has been in the market since mid-2016 and is now in use by many renown global companies to solve their most complex decapsulation challenges in Failure Analysis & Reliability Testing. We welcome your contact to prove on your own samples how MIP can solve your decapsulation challenges.

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