Chip Targets is pleased to announce that it has increased its wide range of service capabilities to include atmospheric Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation for true root cause analysis, further solidifying its role in the semiconductor Failure Analysis industry by upgrading its state-of-the-art failure analysis equipment available in-house. It joins MASER Engineering (Netherlands) Hirex Engineering (France), European companies offering this service.

JIACO Instrument’s MIP decapsulation system is a breakthrough innovation: Automated atmospheric pressure MIP decapsulation utilizing only Oxygen and patent-pending Hydrogen-based recipes. The system has been proven for Cu, PdCu, Au, Ag bond wires and for advanced package types like 3D, SiP, WLCSP, High Tg, Chip on Board, BOAC, all without process-induced damage for reliable failure analysis & reliability testing.

Chip Targets can now further support its extensive customer base, which includes both large and small semiconductor manufacturing companies, fabless semiconductor companies, defense contractors, nano-technology companies, and reverse engineering firms, by providing state-of-the-art decapsulation services and enabling high-quality analysis.

“Chip Targets being the first FA service lab in the USA to offer MIP decapsulation cements their position as a leading supplier to the FA industry and will help their numerous customers with true root cause analysis. We look forward to working with Chip Targets to help them use their new decapsulation capabilities to solve their customers toughest decapsulation challenges.”, Dr. Jiaqi Tang, CTO of JIACO Instruments, commented.

About Chip Targets:

Chip Targets Inc is an ISO9001:2015 certified independent electrical and electronics analytical lab. Since 2003, Chip Targets Inc has grown to become the most advanced independent FA lab in North Texas. Chip Targets prides itself on accurate and fast turn-around failure analysis, and stand out in the industry by having state-of-the-art failure analysis equipment available in-house.

Telephone: +1 972 470 9290


About JIACO Instruments:

JIACO Instruments MIP decapsulation system is a breakthrough innovation: Automated atmospheric pressure Microwave-Induced-Plasma (MIP) decapsulation utilizing O2 & Hydrogen only recipes. MIP technology was first developed by Prof. Dr. Kees Beenakker. MIP decapsulation was further developed by Dr. Jiaqi Tang during his Ph.D. research at Delft University of Technology in collaboration with leading global semiconductor companies.

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