Since the dawn of the industry, semiconductor companies have developed disruptive technologies and solutions that have met the most ambitious targets. In a dynamic and global marketplace, they anticipate market needs and design and make the right product at the right time. What’s the key to this success? The supply chain might be the answer.

Yole Développement (Yole) and Serma Technologies (Serma) combine their expertise and analyses of the industry to create a networking event, Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 (SSF 2015), dedicated to exploring the semiconductor supply chain, market positioning and business development. Organized for the third time, SSF 2015 will take place from November 4th to 6th in Paris, France. Discover the strong program and register today. Early bird booking is available until October 2nd.


“Successful Semiconductor Fabless is the first program dedicated to the semiconductor community and issues at the supply chain level,” announces Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Développement. “Supply chain challenges in the semiconductor world are incredible. They are due to the complexity of this sector, the number of players and their business models, the patent landscape and all the technologies that have been developed. Today start-ups and international groups have to clearly identify and manage risks at the business model level first and then in their own network, all along their supply chain, to ensure successful development and generate company value.”

During the SSF 2015 conference and networking breaks, participants, speakers and the Organizing Committee will come together to analyze the semiconductor supply chain, understand the existing challenges, anticipate the market’s evolution, and identify the best market positioning and key competitive advantages. “We know at Yole how important these issues are to the semiconductor industry,” comments Thibault Buisson, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging at Yole. “We expect a lot of interactions and exchanges during the conference. TSMC’s latest announcement that it will enter the fan-out business, and its huge impact on the advanced packaging industry, is a good example what could be discussed at SSF 2015.“

Yole’s analysts and Serma’s experts invite you to learn more about these issues, offering a highly relevant program of four sessions covering:

  • Market overview: How can the semiconductor supply chain be secured? During this session speakers will highlight the market’s structure and its evolution thanks to emerging technologies and products. Companies will analyze the relationship they have with their supply chain partners and how to improve it. This session welcomes a keynote presentation from Mo Maghsoudnia, Vice President, Technology and Worldwide Manufacturing, InvenSense.
  • Design: Get ready for future products and emerging markets. “Industry 4.0 is not a dream anymore,” announces Dr Lutz Porombka, CEO, Creative Chips, in his abstract. “At Creative Chips, we are strongly involved in the development of smart integrated solutions inside a harsh industry environment. This is a great challenge for design and all production steps of the semiconductor supply chain. SSF 2015 is a great opportunity for our company to share our understanding of the industry and identify business opportunities”. During the Design session, Coventor, MathWorks, Serma and Creative Chips will review special case studies of design steps with specific requirements and possible solutions. They will also be part of the debate taking place at the end of the session and moderated by Pascal Salome, Technical Officer, Serma: “Our aim is to understand how companies collaborate with their partners today. What are the difficulties? And which are the successful collaborations? The semiconductor supply chain is constantly evolving. How can companies adapt their strategy? What are the keys to success? These are the main topics that we will cover at SSF 2015.”
  • Industrialization: How can the semiconductor industrialization supply chain be made easier to handle? Today, every company has the same issues to deal with in order to ensure the best time-to-market and time-to-volume. On top of that, there are a growing number of suppliers to manage, each with a different background, including wafer fab, test house, packaging, and failure analysis lab.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Supply chain, collaborations, business cases – This market is under construction! IoT devices offer huge potential for electronic component manufacturers. However, with their main purpose making sensing ubiquitous at a very low cost they’ll also lead to extremely strong price pressure.

The SSF 2015 agenda has been built using the knowledge of Yole’s analysts. The team follows the semiconductor industry closely, interacting and sharing technical and market information with the key semiconductor players every day. Its partner Serma has also significantly contributed to the development of this comprehensive program thanks to its technical expertise and its vision of the market as services and solutions provider.

What is a “good” supply chain? How can a valuable supply chain be built? How can it be optimized? What are the most successful business models? All these subjects will be addressed, during each session and panel discussion. The detailed program is now available on, in the Events section (Click SSF program).

Make sure you are part of the discussions and attend SSF 2015 – Early bird booking available until October 2, 2015!


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