SPTS’s Sigma® fxP, is a well established PVD system used in advanced packaging applications such as UBM and RDL. It utilizes batch degas technology that can improve Rc whilst maintaining high throughputs, despite the outgassing challenges posed from the increasing use of organics, such as mold in Fan-Out WLP.

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) technology is an increasingly popular solution for obtaining a high level of device integration, with a greater number of I/O contacts, at a lower cost. Epoxy mold compound (EMC) is a cost-effective material for accommodating the die/contacts, but readily absorbs atmospheric moisture. This must be degassed prior to RDL metallization processes, otherwise it has a detrimental effect on electrical resistance of the package (Rc). With a low thermal budget (<150°C), an effective degas requires low temperature and long process time – significantly reducing system throughput.

SPTS have implemented a Multi-Wafer Degas solution to eliminate this “degas bottleneck”, which enables a large number wafers to be degassed simultaneously and individually transferred to single-wafer process modules without breaking vacuum. This enhancement for SPTS’s Sigma® fxP ensures low Rc and typically doubles the throughput compared to competing PVD systems, and is being used in full scale 300mm production.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: 2010
Category this product is being nominated for:  Manufacturing Equipment (includes handling equipment)
Technical Documentation for Sigma fxP PVD wth Multi-Wafer Degas

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