OV23580OmniVision’s OV23850 PureCel image sensor utilizes the companies advanced stacked die process capture exceptional images and video in 23.8-megapixel resolution while maintaining a compact form factor, which is critical for the next-generation of slim smartphones and tablets.

OmniVision’s family of PureCel backside-illuminated image sensors use the company’s stacked die technology, which separates the imaging array from the image sensor processing pipeline into a stacked die structure implementing through silicon via (TSV) technology. This allows for additional functionality to be implemented on the sensor while providing for much smaller die sizes compared to non-stacked sensors, thus enabling smaller module sizes for larger optical format sensors.

OmniVision is a champion of 3D IC manufacturing in the image sensor market, which has been reluctant to adopt 3D up until 2012. The company’s new line of PureCel image sensors gives 3D manufacturing visibility across numerous application areas, including automotive, medical, mobile devices, and wearables.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: 11/3/14
Category Product is being Nominated for: Devices (including interposer, 3D IC, 3D Memory, Heterogeneous Integration)
Technical Information for the OV23850 PureCel Image Sensor

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