The SEMI Connecting Heterogeneous Systems Summit (Sept 1-3, 2021) highlighted the latest in heterogeneous integration and sensing technology advances. Let’s take a look at some of those presentations starting with ASE.


At the SEMI Summit Mark Gerber, Sr Dir of Engineering and Technical Marketing described five key semiconductor growth drivers. (Figure 1).

Heterogeneous Systems Summit ASE presentation
FIGURE 1: Key semiconductor growth drivers. (Source: ASE)

Packaging has become increasingly critical as applications call for innovative solutions. Heterogeneous Integration is allowing the convergence of package integration and system integration (Figure 2).

Heterogeneous Systems Summit ASE presentation
Figure 2: Chip & system integration convergence. (Source – ASE)

In simple terms, ASE describes HI as “the integration of separately manufactured components into a higher-level assembly (system-in-package (SiP)) that, in the aggregate, provides enhanced functionality and improved operating characteristics.” (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Schematic of HI device based on the definition. (Source: ASE)

Gerber contends that HI “…. is now the key technology direction going forward…driving greater connectivity, bandwidth, performance, lower latency, and lower cost.” Figure 4 shows the key drivers.

Heterogeneous Systems Summit ASE presentation
Figure 4: Key heterogeneous integration drivers include chiplets, Si node development cost, yield improvement, and Si node optimization. (Source: ASE).

In Figure 5, Gerber offers ASE packaging options for HI solutions. For the high-end, ASE offers the following silicon integration solutions. He notes that this platform is constantly evolving.

Heterogeneous Systems Summit ASE presentation

Figure 6 shows ASE enabling technologies/capabilities.

Figure 6: SiP module enabling devices. (Source: ASE)

Consumer and automotive are both seeing an explosion in new sensing requirements thus ASE SiP packaging must also be able to integrate such MEMS sensing elements. Many MEMS packaging solutions must be available, as shown in Figure 7.

Heterogeneous Systems Summit ASE presentation


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