At the recent IMAPS Device Packaging Conference in Fountain Hills, AZ. Kyung Suk (Dan) Oh, Package Development VP at Samsung, discussed “Electronics Packaging Technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution”

Oh explained that Samsung sees today’s technology paradigm shift as going “beyond Moore” by a convergence of system integration/packaging and software. Based on the slide below, Oh says advanced packaging is a crucial part of the next generation of technology. (IFTLE readers certainly know that we strongly agree with that premise.)

4th Industrial Revolution

Moreover, Samsung believes system integration leading the packaging technology evolution.

They offered the following slide to depict how bandwidth requirements drive packaging platforms.

Oh presented an interesting slide on applying Samsung HBM technology to Samsung SRAM stacking options, concluding that the best performance characteristics are achieved from SRAM on logic (face to back) as shown below.

Oh also discussed the benefits of the chiplet approach ( see IFTLE 400: “Intel Logic-Logic 3DIC and Chiplets are Finally Here”) when discussing the performance advantages of partitioning the SerDes interface.

SerDes chiplet allows for shorter signal length. (Courtesy of Samsung)

Yole Developpement

In his presentation on “TSV Business, Market and Technology”, Santosh Kumar of Yole included a nice summary slide comparing non-TSV technology competitive options.

Alternative technologies to TSV interposers. (Courtesy of Yole Developpement).

Yole sees the 3D /TSV market divided into high end and low/middle-end segments where high-end applications are less sensitive to cost and require reduced footprint in addition to high performance and reliability. Mid/low end is defined by a balance between cost sensitivity and performance.

The expected market segment growth is shown below with the largest CAGR (2018-2023 belonging to High-Performance Computing and Networking:

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