Multitest, a division of LTX-Credence, and  designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, announces that its humidity test sensors support test of smallest packages sizes at best cost. Multitest sees a clear trend to reduced package sizes for humidity sensor applications. Whereas the first equipment was for MLF4, the latest package is a MLF2.

The Multitest MEMS and sensor test concept is based on standard test handlers and specific modules are added. In this case a 3rd party conditioner has been integrated into the test handler. This way the customers can fully benefit from the decades of test handling experience. The change from one humidity sensor package to another is simply achieved by deploying another conversion kit – just like in test handling of standard ICs.

Additionally, the test handler can further be used for standard IC handling. So highest utilization and best return on investment is ensured. “We see this trend for package size at specific customers but also in the overall market,” says Andreas Ludwig, Product Manager.
“Driven by mobility and internet of things with ever smaller and lighter end products, sensor packages need to comply with the package size requirements to be successful. Of course for the pressure on the selling price is also true for these sensors. Achieving best cost of test by highest utilization will contribute to a competitive cost structure and ASP of the sensors.”

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