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Mass metrology is the measurement of the mass change on a wafer as a result of a wafer processing step. Mass metrology enables inline measurement on product wafers, enabling an increase in test coverage with high throughput. Mass as an SPC response has been adopted by 200mm and 300mm volume wafer manufacturers for advanced technology nodes.


As the 3D–stacking of ICs becomes a mainstream process numerous metrology issues need to be solved. At IMEC we are investigating a range of critical in-line metrology solutions for manufacturing 3D stacked ICs, one of which is mass metrology from Metryx. Mass metrology provides a non-destructive measurement of process variation in several steps of TSV formation. Mass change is a fundamental measurement of how a process changes a wafer, and is not only sensitive to variations on the top surface of the wafer but also to changes on sidewalls and in features. In the TSV module at IMEC mass is used to monitor several process steps and has been qualified to monitor the high aspect ratio TSV etch and the liner/barrier/seed process, and even shows some sensitivity to the presence of voids. ~ Sandip Halder, IMEC

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