Silicon-Interposer-Electro-Optical-Product Description
2.5D Silicon Interposers form the base for the assembly of electro-optic engines for Chip-to-World Interconnects. These electro-optic engines with TSVs, the foundation for so-called “active cables”, offer outstanding Interconnect Bandwidth Density. They operate at 10 Gb/s today and are expected to migrate to 25 Gb/s or higher in the nearest future.

The higher operating frequencies of the devices the greater performance benefits of TSVs use. ALLVIA has focused to identify such high frequency commercial products that the TSVs performance benefits outweigh the current 2.5D high manufacturing costs. At data rates of 10 and 25Gb/s it is critical that the electrical TSV layout of the Silicon Interposers have acceptable costs to achieve controlled impedance and low crosstalk between the traces. TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics) has developed a manufacturable process of mounting opto-electronic flip chip die onto Silicon Interposer. ALLVIA has developed an extremely sophisticated Silicon Interposer with not only TSVs but also with vertical grooves for fiber-optics and 45 degree mirrors. TE has made electrical eye pattern measurements at the output of optical receiver by looping back of the optical transmitter output channels to the receiver input channels. The product performed well and eye patterns were open and test results were published in the attached article written by TE.

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