Invensas Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessera Technologies, Inc. , announced today that it has acquired the patent assets of ALLVIA, Inc. In addition, Invensas has entered into a two-year collaborative partnership with ALLVIA to further develop technology and intellectual property (IP) in the 3-dimensional integrated circuit (3D-IC) packaging space.

The majority of the 64 acquired patents and patent applications from ALLVIA relate to 3D-IC, including through-silicon via (TSV) technology and silicon interposer technology, which is often known as 2.5D. Future generation memory and mobile products require interposer and 3D-IC based packaging technologies to meet challenging data bandwidth and power reduction requirements.

“We are delighted to close this deal with ALLVIA, a pioneer of 3D-IC technology since 1997, and the company that coined the industry term through-silicon via (TSV),” said Simon McElrea, president, Invensas Corporation. “This IP portfolio purchase, along with our collaboration on further 3D-IC development marks another important step on Invensas’ path of continued innovation in vital next-generation packaging technologies.”

“This critical collaboration with a leading innovator in advanced semiconductor packaging will allow our interposer and TSV technology to reach the market more broadly and more quickly,” said Sergey Savastiouk, chief executive officer, ALLVIA, Inc. “With Invensas as an on-going IP development partner, we are confident that we can continue to create and refine the 3D-IC solutions needed in the marketplace.”


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