A long-time evangelist of 3D integration technologies, Herb Reiter puts more than 20 years of experiences in technical and business roles at semiconductor and EDA companies to work, providing a holistic perspective and insight on how to bring 3D integration to the masses.


Highlights of the 23rd TSMC Symposium

On March 15, 2017, TSMC held its 23rd Symposium, based on popular request, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I had the opportunity to attend the entire symposium and want to share some of my impressions and facts learned with you. TSMC, by far the biggest pure-play foundry, has pioneered the transition from integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) to the fabless and foundry business model and ha... »

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13th 3D ASIP Conference Demonstrates Manufacturer’s Commitment

The 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging (3D ASIP) conference is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) event focused exclusively on the 3D IC family of technologies. The December 2016 event was held even closer to San Francisco airport than in previous years. From the lobby of the SFO Marriott Hotel, we could see planes taking off and landing.  Every smooth touch-down an... »

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IEDM 2016 Demonstrates Device Physics For The Semiconductor Industry

In the past few months I have been reading a lot of depressing news about our semiconductor industry’s declining growth rates, shrinking profit margins, many consolidations, as well as many articles about why, when and how following Moore’s Law will be only justified for extremely high-volume designs. Sounds kind of depressing and worrisome for semiconductors, however, last week’s Internatio... »


Pasadena offers Roses and Technology

California’s Pasadena is well known for the New Year Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl. There is no doubt: It takes commitment and organizational talent to make these events successful for 100+ years, and encourage every contributor to prepare and execute successful events every year. Last week’s International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Solutions Conference (iMAPS) in Pasadena’s Con... »

TSMC’s OIP Symposium 2016

After a fairly long vacation it’s very hard to get back to work. That’s why I was really glad that this year’s OIP Symposium helped me – right after touring Europe for 3 weeks – to finding my groove again. Allow me to share some of my observations at and thoughts about the Symposium, from my “More-than-Moore EcoSystem builder” perspective. The collaborative innovation programs TSMC ... »


The Great Divide Between Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

Shortly before the summer break started, I attended a number of industry conferences: MEPTEC, ECTC, DAC, MEMS & Sensors, ASME and SEMICON West. At all of them, I clearly noticed that our industry is looking beyond “Moore’s Law” to advanced IC packaging, multi-die ICs, and system scaling. However, at every one of these conferences, I also noticed the “Great Divide”: It’s difficult t... »


DAC 2016: There is More to Life than IC Design, Part 2

Part 1 of my DAC 53 reporting focused on this year’s really impressive keynotes, now posted on the DAC website, together with videos of other remarkable pavilion presentations, panels, interviews, demos, etc.…. Part 2 will cover a few highlights that I found very interesting and useful at DAC. Considering that this blog is being posted on 3D InCites, let’s talk about CEA Leti’s 3D network-... »


DAC 2016: There is More to Life than IC Design

In the past, the Design Automation Conference was known to me and many of my colleagues as the annual event that focused on IC design tools, flows, and methodologies. EDA tools vendors and users got together in the previous millennium to discuss what to do next in a rapidly growing market segment. Then things changed… At the beginning of this millennium, the wafer foundries took charge of silic... »

Looking Beyond the Components Horizon at ASME’s IoT Connect.

Every time someone asks me how my years experience I have, I tend to get evasive or try to turn it into something funny. At a recent conference, the speaker before me admitted that he is OLD and told us that he has 30 years of experience in semiconductors. When it was my turn I admitted that I am ANCIENT, because I have almost spent a decade more in our component-level semiconductor industry. W... »


Transforming Today’s Semiconductor Industry Challenges into Tomorrow’s Opportunities

My wife, born and raised in Hong Kong, tells me that the Chinese language uses the same word for challenge and opportunity. What can we, in the 200-year-old  US of A, learn from the 4000 years old Chinese culture? The Chinese have a point! Based on my personal experience, I have to say that every challenge I faced so far, opened a door to a new opportunity, making my life better and more interest... »

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