A long-time evangelist of 3D integration technologies, Herb Reiter puts more than 20 years of experiences in technical and business roles at semiconductor and EDA companies to work, providing a holistic perspective and insight on how to bring heterogeneous ntegration to the masses.


3D VLSI Open Workshop Showcases 3D IC Supply Chain Capabilities  

Severine Cheramy, Director 3D Business Development, at CEA-Leti, recently brought key partners of Leti’s 3D-IC programs together at the 6th 3D VLSI Open Workshop to give an overview of their accomplishments and to demonstrate synergies between their joint efforts. The event took place in mid-October at The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose. Leti and ST Microelectronics: Leaders in 3D VLSI Cheramy wel... »

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MSEC 2019: MEMS and Sensors Have a Lot to offer for System Designers

At MSEC 2019 in San Diego, CA, MEMS and sensors experts gathered to exchange ideas about how to utilize the many strengths microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors to enhance the capabilities of electronic systems. Many focused on adding AI to their devices to provide higher-value solutions. »

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Are You Keeping The World Clean for Your Children and Grandchildren?

Adjusting or repairing some of the sprinkler heads on my lot is a regular Spring duty for me. This year, when I was working on my front lawn, my 97-year old neighbor, a former doctor (MD), and the only original owner of one of the 70-year old homes on our street walked by. His 5-year old great-grandson accompanied him. It happened to be garbage day and earlier that day, I had lined up along the cu... »

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Highlights from EDPS 2019

The Electronic Design Process Symposium – EDPS 2919 – is known in the IC design community as a rather small (50 – 100 participants), but a highly interactive workshop. The 26th edition, hosted again this year by SEMI at its Milpitas headquarters, October 3-4, 2109 featured both EDPS IC design experts and a growing number of manufacturing experts, who presented and discussed the latest innova... »

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Strategic Materials Conference Focuses on Complex Challenges

Materials have a major impact on reliability, performance, cost and other key parameters of electronic solutions. SEMI’s recent Strategic Materials Conference (SMC 2019) brought materials suppliers and their customers together to discuss progress made in these areas. They also addressed how to solve the increasingly divergent and complex challenges current and future applications have in store f... »

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Reaping the Benefits of a Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

As it does each year, TSMC recently brought 45 of its ecosystem partners together for its annual Open Innovation Platform® Forum to demonstrate to joint customers the value of a well-managed IC design and manufacturing ecosystem. TSMC and many of the partners presented recent accomplishments and explained in 33 technical papers how they support customers in today’s challenging markets for elect... »

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A Look at US Investments in Heterogeneous Integration

The semiconductor industry is not only very capital-intensive, but investors experience very long payback times. Both limit the availability of private funding. If you are jealously looking at China and the billions of dollars they invest in semiconductors, I recommend you make a closer study of US investments in heterogeneous integration, and specifically DARPA. DARPA Heterogeneous Integration In... »

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The Path to Smarter Fabs

Working from the mantra “None of us knows as much as all of us,” SEMI invited manufacturers of electronic components and systems to come together and discuss how to build smarter fabs and reap key benefits like lower cost, faster turnaround as well as higher quality and more reliable products. The second annual Smart Manufacturing Workshop, held September 12, provided a very sensible a... »

The Importance of Fully Characterized Semiconductor Materials

More than 20 years ago, the cooperation between fabless IC vendors and wafer foundries started to dominate over the integrated device manufacturing (IDM) business model and established clear interfaces between design and manufacturing companies. Ever since IC designers can only create a single-die system-on-chip (SoC) design if a process design kit (PDK) informs them about their wafer foundry part... »


The Need For and Value of Semiconductor Industry Organizations

Recognizing the need for and value of semiconductor industry organizations, in 1994, Jodi Shelton and CEOs of fabless IC companies founded the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA). The traditional integrated device maker (IDM) business model was declining and the need for close cooperation between IC designers at fabless IC companies (Broadcom, Nvidia, Qualcomm, etc.) and more cost-effective wa... »

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