Sustainable $1 Trillion Era

This episode features conversations with 3D InCites members who attended or exhibited at SEMICON Europa 2023, which took place in Munich, Germany from November 14-17, 2023.

The topic of the week was Shaping a Sustainable $1 Trillion Era. Members weigh in on what their companies are doing to support this effort. They also discuss their impression of the show, what they were showcasing, and their latest news.

Peter Dijkstra, Trymax Semiconductor, updates us on activities at Trymax USA and the impact of delayed funding for the CHIPS for America Act. He also shares news of his participation at a Dutch and Flemish delegation in Phoenix Arizona in early December.

Mike Motherway, Cimetrix by PDF Solutions, talks about the role AI and data tools play in global fab expansion. He also educates us on cloud-native architectures that allow for AI applications to be deployed wherever they are needed to support the fab.

Debbie Claire Sanchez at ERS electronic GmbH explains the company’s partnership with PulseForge to bring photonic debonding to their product portfolio as an equipment integrator of this technology. She explains the difference between the company’s existing thermal debonding offering and photonic debonding.

David Wang and Jim Straus of ACM Research share the news of the company’s expansions in Asia as well as the Grand Opening of its new office in Portland Oregon, that will have office and warehouse space, and eventually clean room space for demo tools in North America and Europe.

Hans Peters and Emerald Grieg, PTW Group, talk about the company’s role in sustainable manufacturing with its tool upgrade technologies. They also introduced a new tool line, SpinTec, established to renew and restore legacy SEZ single wet wafer tools.

Abul Lateef, PlasmaTherm, talks about the company’s latest acquisition of Milan-based Thin Film Equipment, to complete PlasmaTherm’s sputtering and PVD portfolio, and put them near significant customers in Italy. He also explains the company’s strategy for its continued expansion in Europe and its important role in silicon carbide device manufacturing.

Neil O’Brien, Finetech, talks about the growing need for high-accuracy die-bonders, and how that’s driving a need for full production tools based on its tabletop machines originally developed for academia.

Harald Eppinger, Koh Young Europe, explains the company’s 3D optical measurement tools to deliver precise data that helps visualize advanced packaging processes to improve quality and reduce failures.

Dieter Rathai, DR Yield, talks about his SEMICON Europa experience as an attendee, and how it differs from other SEMICONs. He shares some feedback from the Fab Manager Forum and how he uses that information to inform his business and improve his company’s product.

Spencer Wall, Jeroen Haex, and Michael Murray, of DSV Solutions explain the role a logistics service provider can play in shaping a sustainable $Trillion Era through inventory and supply chain strategies, as well as a commitment to certified alternative fuels for all modes of transport.

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