PTW Group

About PTW Group

About PTW Group

For more than 15 Years, PTW Group has been your Partner for Legacy Tool Support. We have been supporting you on your way to more sustainability through REUSE, REFURB, RENEW, RECYCLE.

PTW’s history goes back to a workshop in Austria founded in 2007 who supported local semiconductor manufacturing plants with parts and upgrades. On 21 April 2015, PTW Asia LTD was established in Singapore to expand its support to all semiconductor and photonic factories worldwide. In the meantime we established branch offices and refurbishment centers in USA, Europe, the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and China to serve local markets.

PTW GROUP was founded following the latest acquisitions. The recent developments got us a step further in our ability to support an even wider range of production tools. PTW Group now includes Jesse-Technologies (Hitachi CD-SEM support) and CinTai Formosa (ASM furnace & EPI support). By incorporating Cin Tai Formosa and collaborating with Helios, an Arizona-based company, we are significantly expanding our scope of action on ASM tools.

Our long-standing partnership with Jesse-Technologies has gone a step further with the recent acquistition.  Their help has often proven essential when solving complex CDSEM problems. The transfer of know-how as well as the greater availability of parts will be a major asset to support you when you need us the most.

We will keep on periodically introducing new products and services whether niche or widespread. Thanks to our market knowledge, our wide range of refurbished tools and spare parts the quality of the services we provide, we make every effort to become the “go to support company”.

Over the years, we have been building up a seasoned team with experience in the secondary market. Senior field service engineers are now making their valuable experience available to our younger team members by training them so that they can be locally based and establish trusting and dependable relationships.

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