On December 29, 2022, Infostone 2022 Annual meeting and the 9th Heroes List award live conference was successfully held. During the conference, Infostone announced the 9th heroes company list in four categories: “The Most Competitive Products of Optical Communication”, “Excellent Quality Award”, “Outstanding Technology Award” and “Recommended Brand Award”, which aim to identify the outstanding products. MRSI Systems’ MRSI-H-HPLD 1.5-micron die bonder has been awarded the “Infostone 2022 Outstanding Technology Award”, showing the unanimous recognition of this product by the panel of industry experts. 



Infostone Heroes list is selected by thirty experts in the field of communication and consulting, who evaluate the products on technology, cost, market share, customer satisfaction and third-party verification data, as well as vendor’s business performance, growth rate, research and development investment, intellectual property generation and many other factors. The 2022 Annual Infostone Heroes list is generated through multiple rounds of evaluation and comprehensive scoring. 

 Dr. Limin Zhou, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing of MRSI Systems and GM of MRSI Automation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, said, “We are honored to win the prestigious Infostone Heroes List Award for four consecutive years. We have been innovating to improve our technology and competitiveness. The consecutive awards show industry experts’ recognition of MRSI’s R&D capabilities. Customers and experts’ recognition will encourage us to continue to better serve the optoelectronics industry through innovation.” 

 Dr. Qian Yi, Vice President of Mycronic Group and General Manager of MRSI Systems, said, “MRSI’s die bonding equipment has been widely used by manufacturers of high-power lasers for many years. This new HPLD version will take our product’s performance to the next level. It will inherit MRSI-H family’s field-proven stability, speed, ultra-high placement accuracy and superior flexibility, which are all critical factors to our customers’ high-volume hybrid manufacturing.”

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