Things are taking off at Kiterocket, a PR-forward, full-service communications agency driven by engaged and connected category experts. Effective today, co-founder Amanda Foley assumes the role of chief executive officer, while her predecessor and co-founder Martijn Pierik transitions to executive chairman. Rebecca Holmes, the agency’s third co-founder, is stepping into the chief operating officer role.

The moves are designed to support the company as it experiences notable growth and executes its vision to advance the brands advancing the world. The agency currently operates a Technology practice and Sustainable Living practice, with plans to expand into other future-focused industries soon.

“We have an inspiring client roster of visionary companies solving complex problems,” commented Seattle-based Foley, who previously served as managing partner for the agency. “These companies put their big ideas into Kiterocket’s hands and trust us to get them adopted. From building the world’s most advanced semiconductor devices and sensors, to harnessing and storing renewable energy, to determining how to sustainably feed the world’s population, it’s an honor for Kiterocket and myself, to represent brands all along the supply chain that are working to improve quality of life and protect the planet.”

A natural and ambitious entrepreneur, Foley was raised amid a family-run business and left her budding communications role at a global firm, along with Holmes, to found Duo Public Relations in 2004. Together, the two quickly achieved more than $1 million in annual revenues—a feat accomplished by only 4.2% of women-owned businesses in America.* In 2016, the firm merged with Pierik’s agency, Impress Labs, and together relaunched as Kiterocket in 2017. Kiterocket boasts more than $5 million in annual revenue, with offices in Seattle and Phoenix, and upward of 40 employees, spanning top-notch subject matter experts, publicists, brand strategists, digital marketers, social media specialists, designers, website programmers, and content producers.

“PR and marketing have evolved rapidly in the last few years, especially as digital marketing and social media increasingly play a key role in the broader communications toolbox,” said Pierik. “The COVID pandemic further accelerated companies’ need for strategic digital marketing and social media engagement. Amanda has been instrumental in transforming the agency’s digital marketing capabilities and developing the growth strategies that help our clients and the agency itself stay at the forefront of the changing communications landscape.”

“I am excited to hand Amanda the reins to execute the management team’s ambitious growth plan and vision,” he added. “In my role as chairman, I look forward to maintaining close relationships with our technology clients and providing strategic advice to support their business goals, while also mentoring our growing team in Phoenix and leading business development to help bring innovative growth opportunities to the agency.”

In addition to the founders’ restructured leadership roles, the agency also appointed Jamie Campbell as managing director of Client Services, where she will be responsible for delivering cut-above client experiences agency-wide. Danielle Friedman was promoted to managing director of Operations, and Amy Smith will add agency marketing responsibilities to her role as managing director of Kiterocket’s Technology practices. Campbell, Friedman and Smith have been with Kiterocket and its legacy agencies for more than 12, 16, and 17 years, respectively.

“We have a deep leadership bench that has been working together for decades and is poised to define the next chapter for Kiterocket,” noted Holmes, also based in Seattle. “Kiterocket is in the midst of expanding our team and talent roster with some big new hires we’ll announce soon, aimed to support the agency’s growth in market categories as well as service offerings.”

To learn more about Kiterocket and its clients as news breaks, follow the company and its leadership team on LinkedIn: Kiterocket LinkedIn, Amanda Foley, Martijn Pierik, Rebecca Holmes, Jamie Campbell, Danielle Friedman, and Amy Smith.

About Kiterocket

Kiterocket advances the brands advancing the world through PR-forward communication services driven by connected category experts. The agency’s services span brand strategy, media and influencer relations, digital marketing, social media, events, editorial, design, and content production, working in an integrated fashion to drive measurable and meaningful results. Kiterocket prides itself on delivering exceptional ideas and execution to its clients in the technology and sustainable living sectors, earning its position as a valued partner and trusted ally. The company has offices in the historic Luhrs Tower in downtown Phoenix and in Seattle’s buzzing Ballard neighborhood.

*Source: the 2019 State of Women in Business Report, commissioned by American Express.





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